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Individual Tax Returns

Australian Defense force members may be able to claim certain expenses such as travel expenses including vehicle expenses, uniform, occupation-specific or protective clothing that may include laundry and dry cleaning. They can also claim mess fee, fitness fee, Extra Regimental Duties and related expenses. Nevertheless, other deduction may also include their work phone usage, travel, computer etc.

Relocation Expenses:
Deduction cannot be claimed for the expenses for relocating to a place close to a new place of work for instance expense of moving household items, even when required by your employer.

As alternative employees might be able to salary sacrifice tax effectively because of the FBT exemptions

Danger Allowance:
Some allowances might be received as a result of carrying out work that could be regarded as unpleasant, special or risky. Being in receipt of the allowance isn't going to automatically imply you are able to claim a tax deduction.

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Building and construction employees can claim expenses as tax deductible such as work related car usage, travel such as parking & tolls, union fees or professional subscriptions, income protection insurance premiums paid, occupation specific or protective clothing such as fire-resistant clothing, overalls, safety-colored vests, non-slip shoes, gloves, heavy duty shirts & trousers etc, laundry and dry-cleaning expenses.

If you carry bulky equipment between home and work, the travel can be considered work travel and can be tax deductible.
In addition to it, building and construction employees can also claim education expenses that are directly related to the income producing activities.

Other expenses like phone, tools and equipment and overtime meals can also be claimed as a tax deduction.
If most of your work is outdoors, you can also claim a deduction for sun protection expenses such as sunscreen, hard hats, sun glasses, after sun protection etc.

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Does your tax agent inform you about the work related deductions oyu can claim? Now that we are at the tail end of 2015 financial year, everybody is thinking about the taxes. It can be an overwhelming job for the majority of the tax payers to organise the information necessary for claiming work related tax deductions for their tax agent.

Here are some pointers that will assist you to get organized for claiming work related expenses on the income tax returns and maximising oyur tax refund:

Work related motor vehicle expenditures, however travel from home to work place and vice versa cannot be claimed except in circumstances where you carry heavy equipment form home to work.
Any travel expenses such as taxi, parking, tolls, fares, accommodation, meals etc.
Uniform Expenses such as purchase of compulsory uniform, protective clothing, safety shoes etc and the laundry expenses as well. You might be entitled to claim expenses for buying sun protection such as sunscreen, hard hats etc if most of the work performed is outdoors.
• Telephone, internet etc for the work related use.
• Union fees or subscriptions
• Self Education expenses for a course directly related to your income producing activity.
• Home office expenses.
• Donations/Charity
• Expenses incurred for payments to the accountant for the prior year returns.
• Personal/Spouse Superannuation contributions.
• Any other expenses you might incur in relation to your income producing activity.

There are also lot of other industry specific deductions.

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As a Tax Agent Cranbourne, we feel that if you're not familiar with the process of income tax returns, then you can find the entire thing extremely nerve-racking. However, lodging income tax returns is one thing that each individual and business will have to do. If it is something that you don't have time for or you don’t like doing, or else you don't have an understanding of, then you need to use a registered tax agent.

Our charges for individual income tax returns are very reasonable and will vary, with respect to the complexity of the matters.

Income Tax Returns for people running a business will likely be greater and would vary with the type, size and complexity of the organization. In the event you have an investment property or other investments such as shares or you sold some shares or a rental property, then you are required to complete other schedules which must be lodged with your income tax returns to the ATO. Completing these extra schedules generally attracts an extra fee.

We have specialised software available to ensure we claim maximum amount possible while staying out of hot waters with the ATO.

We lodge your income tax return as quickly as possible. This extra cash can be quite useful for paying your bills. We at BookSmart Accountants Cranbourne provide income tax return preparation that is speedy and convenient.

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The ATO is continually examining and auditing the income tax matters of many Australians as well as their businesses. Its yearly compliance report certainly red flags possible areas of evaluation; however the ATO also on a regular basis engages in specific reviews of great interest.

The ATO has published a hit list of areas it is going to pay special focus on this tax season. Rather than focussing on individual occupations, this year they will be focussing on the work-related claims.

On the watch list are the individuals who claim the use of computer, phone or any other electronic device in their tax returns. Regardless if you are a teacher, tradesman, or a taxi driver you will be on their radar if you are claiming the electronic devices and the ATO wants to ensure that people understand the difference between work related and personal use.

Another area that ATO will be focusing on is the work related travel expenses and the individuals who transfer heavy equipment from home to work and vice versa.

All taxpayers should ensure that they claim the right amount and have records to substantiate the claim.

Need further information on what you can claim, contact us today on 1300 300 106.

Call Tax Accountants Cranbourne at 1300 300 106 for further information.

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